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Is Your County on Track for Clean Local Waters?

We know clean local rivers and streams matter. But how do we know whether our county is on track to clean local waters?  Barometers released today answer that question.  They show what progress counties have made and what it will take to finish the job.  Counties have between now and July to improve or refine their local plans.  The counties’ submissions fell into four broad categories.  Click on the county name to read their barometer:

With so many excellent models from across the state, including both urban and rural counties, we know that every county can develop a strong plan by July.

The counties were evaluated against three main factors:

  • Does the plan compute – does the plan provide a measurable path toward long-term pollution reduction targets?
  • Are there short-term commitments – does the plan list the actions each county needs to take in the next two years (2-year milestones)?
  • Will it be paid for – does the plan list the funding needed to cover the local costs of reducing the county’s share of pollution?

Want to know more about the barometers? Read the press release here.


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