Clean Water. It’s Our Right.

Communities throughout Maryland are charting a new course – county plans that will lead to clean local waterways and a healthy Chesapeake Bay.  These plans are needed now to stop pollution and make our waterways clean and healthy again.

Clean water is our right.  Less pollution means higher property values… good jobs… more tourism… safe drinking water…  keeping watermen and farmers in business… and bringing back enjoyable places to swim, fish, and boat.  Clean water is good for our community.  And it’s our responsibility.

Local elected officials must create a strong plan that addresses pollution from all sectors, with a clear roadmap for implementation. We have been talking about cleaner water for over 40 years.  Now it is time for action.

Whether you are a resident of Maryland, an elected official, or a member of an environmental organization, this blog has everything you need to know to make a difference in this process.

Clean water. It’s our right.  

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